Autonomous Non Governmental Organization "Dal'morconsulting" is founded for educational purposes in the sphere of Maritime English.

License Г 812678 №11/171 from July 23. 2001.

Classrooms are equipped with the modern audio and video technique, personal computers. "Dal'morconsulting" company supplies students with all the necessary training materials. All of them meet modern norms and requirements in the sphere of teaching the Everyday and Maritime English Language.

Our teachers are highly experienced professionals.

They have successfully completed English Maritime courses at widely recognized Maritime Educational Institution in Russia in accordance with provisions of International Convention on STCW for Seafarers 1978/95, relating to Maritime English Language (Table A-lll/l).

They also took an active part in workshops on Teaching Maritime English to seafarers organized by Training Director Intеrnational English Services. The teacher's trainings are certified.

Our clients are people who are interested in their professional growth and intellectual development.

Level of the Rendering Educational Programs
1. Teaching the Maritime English Language (Basic English, IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases, Business Radiotelephone Talks by Ship's VHF, Loading Documents, Maintenance and Support of all machinery including mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, Customs Examination, Pilot - Book, Job Interview).
2. Teaching the Everyday English Language (Advanced Grammar of English Language, Everyday and Business English, English Language for tourists and applicants for permanent residence abroad).
Form of Studies: with direct contact between teachers and students, distance learning, external studies.

Group: 7 - 10 people.

Teachers (Higher Education, %) - 100%.

Ассоциация компаний по подбору, обучению, найму и трудоустройству моряков. Association of Crewing Companies.