Policy company


1.1. Concluding the crewing contract with the shipowners, the Company pays attention on safe and healthy working conditions on the ships in accordance with the international and national regulations, rules and norms.

1.2. Policy of the Company in the sphere of the safe operation of ships and of pollution prevention meets the demands of ISM (International Safety Management Code), 1 and 2 Parts of International Code for the Operation of Ships, International Quality Standards ISO - 9002, 9004 - 2, other international and national demands and standards.

1.3. To ensure safety during the exploitation of the ship, the Company admits the necessity of the risk insurance and constant raising of the level of coastal personnel's as well as crew's skills in the sphere of seafaring safety and environmental protection.

1.4. The Company bears the responsibility for informing a seafarer about his duties as well as clarifying all the rules and basic regulations in the sphere of safe ship's exploitation and working conditions.

1.5. Before the departure of the ship's crew to the place of working the Company's official takes instructions and pays seafarers' attention to the strict keeping to the safety and seafaring regulations, regulations of the environmental protection and safety measures while on duty.


2.1. It is Master of the ship who is responsible for the crew's health and safety in the first instance.

2.2. For the reducing of accidental risks the crew must be instructed and trained for the discharging and loading operations in accordance with the capacities. The crew shall keep to the regulations of International Conventions (especially SOLAS-74 and STCW (with amendments)) strictly.

2.3. The Company follows the policy of prevention of drug and alcohol abuse among the crews.

2.4. On the grounds of Section B-VIII/2 part 5 STCW-78 the drug and/or alcohol abuse is prevented on the ships under the Company's operation.


3.1. The Company recognizes that the safety and effectiveness of the ship's exploitation mostly depends on the level of qualification, working experience, conscientiousness of seafarers and crew of the ship on the whole.

3.2. When sending to the ship all seafarers' level of professional competence, competence in safe operating regulations and safety measures while accomplishing the duties on board a ship, knowing of the requirements in the environmental pollution prevention and in the English language must be assessed.

3.3. The Company acquaints a seafarer with the conditions of the contract, duties, rights and responsibility to the shipowner.

3.4. All the actions in the process of seafarers' manning to the foreign owners' ships as well as working and rest conditions, level of the allowing to them guaranties and compensations shall not defy the requirements of International Conventions, collective agreements and generally accepted practice.

3.5. The Company admits that the high quality of its rendering services is the main duty of the Company.
For these purposes in the process of rendering services the Company:
· doesn't allow the dumping on the international seafarers' labour and unconscious competition;
· makes efforts in order to render services to any its client (seafarer, shipowner) on the high level;
· informs its clients of any, even possible conflict of interest;
· keeps confidence towards its clients' activity;
· informs its clients of any potentially dangerous or another not permissible situation;
· doesn't have any intent to take part in any activity which is considered to be illegal;
· doesn't take on any commitment in the clients' interests or stops meeting them in case when it became known to the Company that the actions on meeting these commitments can be used for favouring the breaking the law.


4.1. The Company recognizes that the crew of the ship and its management are the key elements for the successful work of the ship.

4.2. These are the principles which the Company follows in the selection of seafarers and staffing crews:
· by the acceptable for the shipowner methods (interview, test, certification) the Company obtains a necessary qualification and experience ( in accordance with the Convention IMO SRCW - 78/95) for every position on-board, what the Company is responsible for according to the agreement.
· the Company is responsible for the checking of candidate's working experience on-board of the ship.
· the Company convinces that every sending to the ship crewmember has got appropriate certificates of competence and other certificates (in accordance with the International Convention STCW - 78/95 and national legislation). If the Company has reasons for doubting it shall use all available possibilities including contacts with the office of the Harbor Master and other organizations, which are properly authorized to give marine diplomas and certificates as well as with the previous employer, to be convinced of the authenticity of the documents.
· within the limits of the possible the Company assures that the sending to the ship crewmember is physically healthy, his produced medical certificates are authentic and aren't got by fraud. Every seafarer shall pass necessary vaccination in accordance with the navigation area, if the conditions of employment do not provide for the different way of vaccination.
· the Company convinces, that every crewmember adequate understands key commands and intercourse's language on-board, which are enough to discharge his tasks effectively.
· the Company has the consideration's procedures of the incompetence's cases or discipline's violations and other incidents, which have happened because of the fault of the sent to the ship by the Company seafarer.
· the Company assumes the responsibility for the availability of properly qualified seafarers, who are ready to replace working or finishing their work seafarers.

4.3. A special attention the Company pays to the manning of the Master as to the main official assuring appropriate ship's exploitation, safety of seafaring, environmental protection, wise and efficient actions in extraordinary situations, accordance of his qualification and working experience on the ships of certain type, which are confirmed by appropriate documents.

4.4. On behalf of the shipowner the Company concludes individual contracts of employment with every seafarer or ensures and controls the concluding under beforehand fixed conditions direct with the shipowner or his authorized agent.

4.5. The Company has the statute system and appropriate procedures of control above requirements before the sending of a seafarer to the ship. The Company assesses the personnel's activities of the Company that carries out the above procedures and requirements and takes adequate measures in the case of failure to carry out.

4.6. The Company has contacts with the Water Transport Educational establishments for training the seafarers in case of necessity.

4.7. A special attention shall be paid to the control of the level of seafarers' training in the sphere of the safe operation of the ship and safety measures while accomplishing the duties on board a ship and also in the question of environmental pollution prevention.

4.8. The Company makes entries into the seafarer's personal file including timely fixing of all changes and supplements into his computer file ensuring the precision of data about the seafarer. The copies of all maritime documents and certificates must be kept in the seafarer's personal file and must be available at any time to have an opportunity to send all the necessary information to another authorized party.

4.9. During the contract the Company is a contact party between a seafarer and his relatives and a ship/shipowner. It renders all the necessary and possible assistance to the interested parties in getting the appropriate information strictly observing the seafarer's rights on non-interference into his private life and confidence of his personal data (Art.4 №179 IMO).

Ассоциация компаний по подбору, обучению, найму и трудоустройству моряков. Association of Crewing Companies.