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What kind of official documentation is required in order to obtain employment with a motor vessel (i.e. seamen's book, certificates etc.)?

Russian citizens need a seaman's book and necessary professional certificates valid for at least three months after the end of the contract.

What are the health requirements i.e. immunization, medical examination etc.?

Once offered a contract by a motor vessel, all applicants must pass a medical examination by designated by the particular motor vessel physicians. Applicants will be responsible for the cost of the examination. Every seafarer shall pass necessary vaccination in accordance with the navigation area, if the conditions of employment do not provide for the different way of vaccination.

What about healthcare and dental coverage while onboard a ship?

The Company undertakes to take out suitable insurance to cover crewmembers for risks of sickness/injury/loss of life from the date of departure and from the place of engagement to the date of return and to the place of recruiting.
It is understood that this information is valid only if the Seaman has completed all of the medical requirements. The crewmembers are entitled to medical treatment including dental treatment and hospitalization. Dental treatment is restricted to teeth extractions only.

Is a crewmember responsible for transportation to and from the ship?

No, in case you are offered a contract by our company the shipowners will be responsible for the transportation between the nearest international airport to your home and the port of embarkation, wherever in the world that port will be.

What are the tax laws regarding income earned on a motor vessel?

Crewmembers have their own responsibility to declare the income earned on a motor vessel.

Are there provided benefits i.e. paid vacation, pension plan etc.?

The company provides all the crewmembers paid vacation. Every crewmember gets 6 paid days vacation monthly. There are not provided paid pension plans.

Is the food and accommodation free for crewmembers onboard a motor vessel and what are the living arrangements for crew?

Yes, this is what makes a motor vessel career financially attractive and compensates for the lack of employment benefits (paid pension plan etc.). Crewmembers almost do not have any expenses while onboard a vessel. Living arrangements vary by motor vessel, but mostly by shipboard position. Command Staff enjoys single cabins with WC, (mostly with a shower), as for other crewmembers usually two crewmembers share one cabin.

Are there uniform requirements? If so, who provides the uniform?

Yes, there are uniforms required, provided by the motor vessel.

Do crewmembers get to see the ports, which the ship is visiting?

Yes, crewmembers are free to visit the ports of call when they are not on duty.

What are the policies of motor vessels towards use of drugs and narcotics?

The Company follows the policy of prevention of drug and alcohol abuse among the crews. On the grounds of Section B-VIII/2 part 5 STCW-78 the drug and/or alcohol abuse is prevented on the ships under the Company's operation.

What is the standard length of a contract on a motor vessel?

Most shipowners offer minimum six months contracts, contracts could be extended.

What are the regulations regarding premature termination of employment?

The duration of employment shall commence from the date of departure of the seafarer and from the place of recruiting to the vessel, and terminates upon his (seafarer) arrival from the vessel to the place of recruiting. In case the employee (contractor) wishes to terminate the contract earlier than the end date, the employee (contractor) will be responsible for the cost of transportation going back home.

What are the destinations for the ships?

Motor vessels have different destinations worldwide, but usually they call ports in South - East Asia and Far East of Russia, which are common for trading industry.

Are the crew members expected to perform some duties other than their work onboard?

Motor vessels require all the crewmembers to participate in safety drills. The seafarer will be required to work overtime as directed by Master, and shall have the guaranteed minimum of 100 hours payable overtime per month made up of 40 weekday hours overtime and 60 weekend hours overtime.

Ассоциация компаний по подбору, обучению, найму и трудоустройству моряков. Association of Crewing Companies.